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Michelle Alexander. 2012 .

Alexander, Michelle,

Law professor Alexander argues that the War on Drugs and policies that deny convicted felons equal access to employment, housing, education, and public benefits create a permanent under caste based largely on race. As the United States celebrates the nation's "triumph over race"…
3. Race and racism Book , Print in English
Ruth Benedict ; foreword by John Rex. 1983 .

Benedict, Ruth, 1887-1948.

Race: Racism: the ism of the modern world -- Race: what it is not -- Man's efforts to classify himself -- Migration and the mingling of peoples -- What is heredity? -- Who is superior? -- Racism: A natural history of racism -- Why then race prejudice?
4. Are prisons obsolete? Book , Print in English
Angela Y. Davis. 2003 .

Davis, Angela Y. (Angela Yvonne), 1944-

From the Publisher: Amid rising public concern about the proliferation and privatization of prisons, and their promise of enormous profits, world-renowned author and activist Angela Y. Davis argues for the abolition of the prison system as the dominant way of responding to…
5. Black skin, white masks Book , Print in English
Translated by Charles Lam Markmann. 1968 .

Fanon, Frantz, 1925-1961.

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6. Is racism an environmental threat? Book , Print in English
Ghassan Hage. 2017 .

Hage, Ghassan,

"The ecological crisis is the most overwhelming to have ever faced humanity and its consequences permeate every domain of life. This trenchant book examines its relation to Islamophobia as the dominant form of racism today, showing how both share roots in domination, colonialism…
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7. Is science racist? Book , Print in English
Jonathan Marks. 2017 .

Marks, Jonathan (Jonathan M.), 1955-

"Every arena of science has its own set of ethical issues ? chemistry and poison gas, physics and the atom bomb ? and genetics has had a troubled history with race. As Jonathan Marks reveals, this dangerous relationship rumbles on to this day, still leaving plenty of leeway for a…
8. Critique of Black reason Book , Print in English
Achille Mbembe ; translated by Laurent Dubois. 2017 .

Mbembé, J.-A., 1957-

Eminent critic Achille Mbembe offers a capacious genealogy of the category of Blackness-from the Atlantic slave trade to the present-to critically reevaluate history, racism, and the future of humanity. Mbembe teases out the intellectual consequences of the reality that Europe is…