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190.645, Fall 2017

Spence, Lester, Fall 2017
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Reuel R. Rogers. 2006 .

Rogers, Reuel Reuben, 1969-

Introduction -- Beyond black and white theories of political incorporation -- "Good" blacks and "bad" blacks? -- Letting sleeping giants lie -- Afro-Caribbean immigrants and African Americans racially bound -- Afro-Caribbean sojourners…
Amy E. Lerman and Vesla M. Weaver. 2014 .

Lerman, Amy E., 1978-,

"Argues that the broad reach of the criminal justice system has fundamentally recast the relation between citizen and state, resulting in a sizable--and growing--group of second-class citizens."
Michael Javen Fortner. 2015 .

Fortner, Michael Javen, 1979-

"Often seen as a political sop to the racial fears of white voters, aggressive policing and draconian sentencing for illegal drug possession and related crimes have led to the imprisonment of millions of African Americans--far in excess of their representation in the population…
Michael C. Dawson. 2001 .

Dawson, Michael C., 1951-

Black ideologies and Black public opinion -- Visions of a Black nation : Black nationalism and African-American political thought -- A vision of their own : identity and Black feminist ideology -- Black and Red : Black Marxism and Black liberation…
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    E185.615.D394 2001 c. 2
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    E185.615.D394 2001 c. 1
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    E185.615.D394 2001 c. 3
Cathy J. Cohen. 1999 .

Cohen, Cathy J., 1961-

Ch. 1. Boundaries of Black Politics -- Ch. 2. Marginalization: Power, Identity, and Membership -- Ch. 3. Enter AIDS: Context and Confrontation -- Ch. 4. Invisible to the Centers for Disease Control -- Ch. 5. All the Black People Fit to Print…
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    RA644.A25 C575 1999 c. 1
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    RA644.A25 C575 1999 c. 2
Megan Ming Francis, Pepperdine University. 2014 .

Francis, Megan Ming, 1981-

"Did the civil rights movement impact the development of the American state? Despite extensive accounts of civil rights mobilization and narratives of state building, there has been surprisingly little research that explicitly examines the importance and consequence that civil…
Richard Iton. 2008 .

Iton, Richard.

"Prior to the 1960s, when African Americans had little access to formal political power, black popular culture emerged as a tool to forge community and effect political change. And culture did play a key role in the subsequent civil rights era, as African American made remarkable…
Robert Gooding-Williams. 2009 .

Gooding-Williams, Robert.

Introduction: The authority of Du Bois -- Politics, race, and the human sciences -- Intimations of immortality and double consciousness -- Du Bois's counter-sublime -- Between the masses and the folk -- Douglass's declarations of independence and practices of politics…
Shatema Threadcraft. 2016 .


Introduction: black female body politics -- "What free could possibly mean": the intimate sphere in enslaved women's visions of freedom -- Racial violence and the post-emancipation struggle for intimate equality -- Intimate injustice, political obligation and the dark ghetto…
Preston H. Smith II. 2012 .

Smith, Preston H.

1. Black Civic Ideology and Political Economy in Postwar Chicago -- 2. Racial Democracy and the Case for Public Housing -- 3. Black Factions Contesting Public Housing -- 4. Fighting "Negro Clearance": Black Elites and Urban Redevelopment Policy…
Melissa V. Harris-Perry. 2011 .

Harris-Perry, Melissa V. (Melissa Victoria), 1973-

Jezebel's sexual lasciviousness, Mammy's devotion, and Sapphire's outspoken anger -- these are among the most persistent stereotypes that black women encounter in contemporary American life. Hurtful and dishonest, such representations force African American women to navigate a…