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100.702, Fall 2017

Larson, Pier, Fall 2017
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Ulbe Bosma and Remco Raben ; translated by Wendie Shaffer. 2008 .

Bosma, Ulbe, 1962-

Being Dutch in the Indies portrays Dutch colonial territories in Asia not as mere societies under foreign occupation but rather as a Creole empire. Most of colonial society, up to the highest levels, consisted of people of mixed Dutch and Asian descent who were born in the Indies…
edited by H.V. Bowen, Elizabeth Mancke, and John G. Reid. 2012 .

"This pioneering comparative study of British imperialism in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean worlds draws on the perspectives of British newcomers overseas and their native hosts, metropolitan officials and corporate enterprises, migrants and settlers. Leading scholars examine the…
Megan Vaughan. 2005 .

Vaughan, Megan.

In the beginning -- Engineering a colony, 1735-1767 -- Enlightenment colonialism and its limits, 1767-1789 -- Roots and routes : ethnicity without origins -- A baby in the salt pans : mothering slavery -- Love in the torrid zone -- Reputation, recognition, and race…
Sunil S. Amrith. 2013 .

Amrith, Sunil S., 1979-

The Indian Ocean was global long before the Atlantic, and today the countries bordering the Bay of Bengal--India, Bangladesh, Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia--are home to one in four people on Earth. Crossing the Bay of Bengal places this region at the heart of world…
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Jeremy Prestholdt. 2008 .

Prestholdt, Jeremy.

Similitude and global relationships : self-representation in Mutsamudu -- The social logics of need : consumer desire in Mombasa -- The global repercussions of consumerism : East African consumers and industrialization…
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    HF5415.33.A354 P74 2008 c. 1
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Richard B. Allen. 2014 .

Allen, Richard Blair.

Between 1500 and 1850, European traders shipped hundreds of thousands of African, Indian, Malagasy, and Southeast Asian slaves to ports throughout the Indian Ocean world. The activities of the British, Dutch, French, and Portuguese traders who operated in the Indian Ocean…
Jane Hooper. 2017 .

Hooper, Jane, 1981-

Between 1600 and 1800, the promise of fresh food attracted more than seven hundred English, French, and Dutch vessels to Madagascar. Throughout this period, European ships spent months at sea in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, but until now scholars have not fully examined how…
Thomas R. Metcalf. 2007 .

Metcalf, Thomas R., 1934-

"An innovative remapping of empire, Imperial Connections offers a broad-ranging view of the workings of the British Empire in the period when the India of the Raj stood at the center of a newly globalized system of trade, investment, and migration. Thomas R. Metcalf argues that…
10. India and the Indian Ocean, 1500-1800 Book , Print in English
edited by Ashin Das Gupta and M.N. Pearson. 1987 .

Contributed articles.
edited by Sushil Chaudhury and Michel Morineau. 1999 .

Introduction / Sushil Chaudhury and Michel Morineau -- Pt. I. Asia, especially India, around 1500 -- 1. Of what world-system was pre-1500 'India' a part? / Ravi Arvind Palat and Immanuel Wallerstein…
Kerry Ward. 2009 .

Ward, Kerry.

"Kerry Ward argues that the Dutch East India Company empire manifested itself through multiple networks that amalgamated spatially and over time into an imperial web whose sovereignty was effectively created and maintained but always partial and contingent. Networks of Empire…
Sanjay Subrahmanyam. 2012 .

Subrahmanyam, Sanjay.

1. Early Modern Asia: Geopolitics and Economic Change -- Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-century States -- Circulation of Elites -- Towards a Taxonomy -- Long-term Trends -- 2. Portuguese State and Society, 1200-1500 -- Crown and Nobility -- In Search of a Bourgeoisie…
15. Portuguese oceanic expansion, 1400-1800 Book , Print in English
edited by Francisco Bethencourt, Diogo Ramada Curto. 2007 .

The economy of the Portuguese Empire / Stuart B. Schwartz -- Costs and financial trends in the Portuguese Empire, 1415--1822 / Jorge M. Pedreira -- Markets and merchant communities in the Indian Ocean : locating the Portuguese / Michael N. Pearso…
edited by James D. Tracy. 1990 .

James R. Fichter. 2010 .

Fichter, James R.

1. Revolution -- 2. America Sails East -- 3. Commerce in a World at War -- 4. America's Re-export Boom -- 5. Merchant Millionaires -- 6. Beyond the British Empire -- 7. India Trade -- 8. America's China and Pacific Trade -- 9. Death of the India Monopoly…