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190.650, Fall 2017

Zackin, Emily, Fall 2017
MSEL Reserves
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1. After virtue: a study in moral theory Book , Print in English
by Alasdair MacIntyre. 2007 .

MacIntyre, Alasdair C.

"When After Virtue first appeared in 1981, it was recognized as a significant and potentially controversial critique of contemporary moral philosophy. Newsweek called it "a stunning new study of ethics by one of the foremost moral philosophers in the English-speaking world." Now,…
2. The alchemy of race and rights Book , Print in English
Patricia J. Williams. 1991 .

Williams, Patricia J., 1951-

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3. Anarchy, state, and utopia Book , Print in English
Robert Nozick ; with a new foreword by Thomas Nagel. 1974 .

Nozick, Robert.

1. Why State-Of-Nature Theory? / Thomas Nagel -- Political Philosophy / Thomas Nagel -- Explanatory Political Theory / Thomas Nagel -- 2. State Of Nature / Thomas Nagel -- Protective Associations / Thomas Nagel -- Dominant Protective Association / Thomas Nagel…
4. The community of rights Book , Print in English
Alan Gewirth. 1996 .

Gewirth, Alan.

Ch. 1. Action and Human Rights. 1.1. The Opposition between Rights and Community. 1.2. The Initial Conciliation of Rights and Community. 1.3. Are There Any Moral or Human Rights? 1.4. Human Action as the Basis of Human Rights. 1.5. The Argument for Human Rights. 1.6. Som…
5. Development as freedom Book , Print in English
Amartya Sen. 1999 .

Sen, Amartya, 1933-

The perspective of freedom -- The ends and the means of development -- Freedom and the foundations of justice -- Poverty as capability deprivation -- Markets, state and social opportunity -- The importance of democracy -- Famines and other crises…
Gerald N. Rosenberg. 2008 .

Rosenberg, Gerald N.

The dynamic and the constrained court -- Bound for glory: Brown and the civil rights revolution -- Constraints, conditions, and the courts -- Planting the seeds of progress -- The current of history -- Transforming women's lives: the courts and abortion…
7. Inventing equal opportunity Book , Print in English
Frank Dobbin. 2009 .

Dobbin, Frank.

Regulating discrimination: the paradox of a weak state -- Washington outlaws discrimination with a broad brush -- The end of Jim Crow: the personnel arsenal put to new purposes -- Washington means business: personnel experts fashion a system of compliance…
8. Looking back at law's century Book , Print , Conference in English
edited by Austin Sarat, Bryant Garth, Robert A. Kagan. 2002 .

Facilitating and domesticating change : democracy, capitalism, and law's double role in the twentieth century / Robert A. Kagan, Bryant Garth, and Austin Sarat -- Idea of political freedom / Owen Fiss…
Charles R. Epp. 2009 .

Epp, Charles R.

Theory: the fertile fear of liability -- The problem with policing -- Liability's triumph -- Policing's epiphany -- Spreading the word: variations among police departments -- Tort liability and police reform in Britain -- Sexual harassment -- Playground safety.
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10. Natural law and natural rights Book , Print in English
John Finnis. 2011 .

Finnis, John.

First published in 1980, Natural Law and Natural Rights is widely heralded as a seminal contribution to the philosophy of law, and an authoritative restatement of natural law thinking.
11. Natural law and natural rights Book , Print in English
by John Finnis. 1980 .

Finnis, John.

12. The Oxford handbook of the U.S. Constitution Book , Print in English
edited by Mark Tushnet, Mark A. Graber, and Sanford Levinson. 2016 .

The Oxford Handbook of the U.S. Constitution offers a comprehensive overview and introduction to the U.S. Constitution from the perspectives of history, political science, law, rights, and constitutional themes, while focusing on its development, structures, rights, and role in…
13. Philosophy of law: a very short introduction Book , Print in English
Raymond Wacks. 2014 .

Wacks, Raymond,

1. Natural law -- 2. Legal positivism -- 3. Dworkin: the moral integrity of law -- 4. Rights and justice -- 5. Law and society -- 6. Critical legal theory -- 7. Understanding law: a very short epilogue.
Michael W. McCann. 1994 .

McCann, Michael W., 1952-

1. Introduction -- 2. Pay Equity as Public Policy -- 3. Law as a Catalyst -- 4. The Social Context of Legal Mobilization -- 5. Compelling Concessions: Law as a Club -- 6. Implementation in the Dimming Shadows of Law -- 7. Rights Consciousness and Social Change…
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Mary Ann Glendon. 1991 .

Glendon, Mary Ann, 1938-

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16. Taking rights seriously Book , Print in English
Ronald Dworkin. 1977 .

Dworkin, Ronald.

Helena Silverstein. 1996 .

Silverstein, Helena.

1. Constituting Legal Meaning -- 2. Expanding the Circle: The Evolution of Animal Rights -- 3. The Political Deployment of Rights -- 4. Rights Strategically Understood -- 5. Animals in the Courtroom: The Direct Effects of Litigation…