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211.445, Fall 2017

Stephens, Walter, Fall 2017
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Pier Massimo Forni. 1996 .

Forni, Pier Massimo.

Ch. 1. Configurations of Discourse -- Ch. 2. Pleasure and Response -- Ch. 3. Realism and the Needs of the Story -- Ch. 4. The Poetics of Realization -- Ch. 5. Rhetoric and Narration in the Story of Zima…
Millicent Joy Marcus. 1979 .

Marcus, Millicent Joy.

edited by James H. McGregor. 2000 .

edited by Victoria Kirkham, Michael Sherberg, and Janet Levarie Smarr. 2013 .

"Long celebrated as one of "the Three Crowns" of Florence, Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-75) experimented widely with the forms of literature. His prolific and innovative writings--which range beyond the novella, from lyric to epic, from biography to mythography and geography, from…
Martin Eisner. 2013 .

Eisner, Martin, 1978-

note: 1. Dante's dirty feet and the limping republic: Boccaccio's defense of literature in the Vita di Dante -- 2. Dante's shame and Boccaccio's paratextual praise: Editing the Vita nuova, Commedia, and canzoni distese…
11. The Cambridge Companion to Boccaccio Book , Online in English
edited by Guyda Armstrong, Rhiannon Daniels, Stephen J. Milner. 2015 .

Incorporating the most recent research by scholars in Italy, the UK, Ireland and North America, this collection of essays foregrounds Boccaccio's significance as a pre-eminent scholar and mediator of the classical and vernacular traditions, whose innovative textual practices…
12. The Cambridge companion to Boccaccio Book , Print in English
edited by Guyda Armstrong, Rhiannon Daniels, and Stephen J. Milner. 2015 .

"This book is designed for multiple audiences: those who are coming to Boccaccio for the first time, or who may have only a passing acquaintance with his work, those studying his texts as undergraduate or postgraduate students, and those scholars interested in the production and…
14. The decameron Book , Print in English
Giovanni Boccaccio ; Translated and with an Introduction by Wayne A. Rebhorn. 2013 .

Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375.

Revised for the seven hundredth anniversary of the author's birth, this tale of medieval Italian life details how ten young Florentines retreat to the countryside to escape the plague-infested city and entertain themselves by telling stories.
Giovanni Boccaccio ; translated and edited by Wayne A. Rebhorn. 2016 .

Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375,

note: Preface -- Introduction -- Story 1 Ser Cepparello deceives a holy friar with a false confession and dies, and although he was one of the worst of men during his life, he is reputed after his death to be a saint and is called Saint Ciappelletto.…
edited by Elissa B. Weaver. 2004 .

The Decameron proem / Robert Hollander -- The place of the title (Decameron, day one, introduction) / Thomas C. Stillinger -- The tale of Ser Ciappelletto (I.1) / Franco Fido -- The tale of Abraham the Jew (I.2) / Marga Cottino-Jones…
18. The Decameron third day in perspective Book , Print in English
edited by Francesco Ciabattoni and Pier Massimo Forni. 2014 .

Tale of Masetto da Lamporecchio (III.1) / Massimo Ciavolella -- Tale of the King and the Groom (III.2) / Elsa Filosa -- Tale of the Gentlewoman, the Gallant Man, and the Friar (III.3) / Stefano Gulizia -- Tale of Fra Puccio (III.4) / Jelena Todorovic…
19. The Decameron Third Day in Perspective Book , Online in English
The second of the University of Toronto Press's interpretive guides to Boccaccio's Decameron, this collection forms part of an ambitious project to examine the entire Decameron, Day by Day.
Robin Kirkpatrick. 1995 .

Kirkpatrick, Robin, 1943-

Ch. 1. Chaucer and the Italians. Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio. Dante and Chaucer: The House of Fame and The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer and Petrarch. Chaucer and Boccaccio. Troilus and Criseyde…
21. The English Boccaccio: a history in books Book , Print in English
Guyda Armstrong. 2013 .

Armstrong, Guyda,

"The Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio has had a long and colourful history in English translation. This new interdisciplinary study presents the first exploration of the reception of Boccaccio's writings in English literary culture, tracing his presence from the early fifteenth…
22. The ethical dimension of the Decameron Book , Print in English
Marilyn Migiel. 2015 .

Migiel, Marilyn, 1954-

note: 1. Wanted: Translators of the Decameron's Moral and Ethical Complexities -- 2. He Said, She Said, We Read: An Ethical Reflection on a Confluence of Voices -- 3. Can the Lower Classes Be Wise? (For the Answer, See Your Translation of the Decameron)…
23. Forme complesse nel Decameron Book , Print in Italian
Pier Massimo Forni. 1992 .

Forni, Pier Massimo.

24. Giovanni Boccaccio, Decameron Book , Print in English
David Wallace. 1991 .

Wallace, David, 1954-

25. L'ideologia letteraria del Decameron Book , Print in Italian
Mirko Bevilacqua. 1978 .

Bevilacqua, Mirko.

26. The Italian novella: a book of essays Book , Print , Conference in English
edited by Gloria Allaire. 2003 .

27. Lessico critico decameroniano Book , Print in Italian
a cura di Renzo Bragantini e Pier Massimo Forni. 1995 .

28. Il potere della parola: studi sul "Decameron" Book , Print in Italian
Giorgio Barberi Squarotti. 1983 .

Bàrberi Squarotti, Giorgio.

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[Gentile Sermini ... et al.] ; edited and translated from Italian with an introduction… 1994 .

31. A rhetoric of the Decameron Book , Print in English
Marilyn Migiel. 2003 .

Migiel, Marilyn, 1954-

33. The world at play in Boccaccio's Decameron Book , Print in English
by Giuseppe Mazzotta. 1986 .

Mazzotta, Giuseppe, 1942-