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190.394, Fall 2017

Parkinson, Sarah, Fall 2017
MSEL Reserves
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Lisa Wedeen. 1999 .

Wedeen, Lisa.

1. Believing in Spectacles -- 2. Killing Politics: Official Rhetoric and Permissible Speech -- 3. Acting "As If": The Story of M -- 4. Signs of Transgression -- 5. Complicating Compliance.
  • Eisenhower B Level
    DS98.4.W43 1999 c. 1
  • SAIS Main Stacks
    DS98.4 .W43 1999
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Amaney A. Jamal. 2007 .

Jamal, Amaney A., 1970-

"Democracy-building efforts from the early 1990s on have funneled billions of dollars into nongovernmental organizations across the developing world, with the U.S. administration of George W. Bush leading the charge since 2001. But are many such "civil society" initiatives…
edited by Dalia F. Fahmy & Daanish Faruqi. 2017 .

1. Egyptian liberals, from revolution to counterrevolution / Daanish Faruqi and Dalia F. Fahmy -- Section I. Liberalism and the Egyptian state. 2. Egypt's structural illiberalism : how a weak party system undermines participatory politics / Dalia F. Fahmy…
4. Guapa Book , Print in English
Saleem Haddad. 2016 .

Haddad, Saleem,

Set over the course of twenty-four hours, Guapa follows Rasa, a gay man living in an unnamed Arab country, as he tries to carve out a life for himself in the midst of political and social upheaval. Rasa spends his days translating for Western journalists and pining for the nights…
5. Laysa lil-karāmah judrān: Karama has no walls Video/Film , DVD in English
directed by Sara Ishaq ; co-produced by Sara Ishaq & Hot Spot Films. 2013 .

  • ليس للكرامة جدران:Karama has no walls
  • a film by Sara Ishaq
2014 Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary Short Subject, Karama Has No Walls is a gripping, eye-witness account of the tragic day that changed the course of the revolution in Yemen; when pro-government snipers opened fire on a peaceful gathering of protesters, sparking…
Bassem Youssef. 2017 .

Youssef, Bassem,

Bassem Youssef recounts his life and offers hysterical riffs on the hypocrisy, instability, and corruption that has long animated Egyptian politics. From the attempted cover-up of the violent clashes in Tahrir Square to the government's announcement that it had created the…
Lihi Ben Shitrit. 2016 .

Ben Shitrit, Lihi, 1981-

note: 1. Introduction: Frames of Exception and Righteous Transgressions -- 2. Contextualizing the Movements -- 3. Complementarian Activism: Domestic and Social Work, Da'wa, and Teshuva -- 4. Women's Protest: Exceptional Times and Exceptional Measures…
Frederic M. Wehrey. 2014 .

Wehrey, Frederic M.

pt. I ROOTS OF SECTARIANISM -- 1. Governance, Society, and Identity in the Gulf -- 2. Long Shadow of the Iranian Revolution -- pt. II BAHRAIN -- 3. Debating Participation: The Bahraini Shi'a and Regional Influences…
Roger Owen. 2004 .

Owen, Edward Roger John,

PART I. States and state building -- The end of empires : the emergence of the modern Middle Eastern states -- The growth of state power in the Arab world : the single-party regimes -- The growth of state power in the Arab world under family rule, and the Libyan alternative…
  • Eisenhower B Level
    DS63.O94 2004 c. 1
  • SAIS Main Stacks
    DS63 .O94 2004
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10. West Beyrouth: West Beirut Video/Film , DVD in Arabic
une coproduction La Septe Arte et 3B Productions (France), Douri Films (Léban), Ciné… 1998 .

"In April, 1975, civil war breaks out: Beirut is partitioned along a Muslim-Christian line. Tarek is in high school making Super 8 movies with his friend, Omar. At first the war is a lark: school has closed, the violence is fascinating, getting from West to East is a game. His…