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190.624, Fall 2017

Brendese, P. J., Fall 2017, Connolly, William, Fall 2017
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Mark Rifkin. 2017 .

Rifkin, Mark, 1974-

"What does it mean to say that Native peoples exist in the present? In Beyond Settler Time Mark Rifkin investigates the dangers of seeking to include Indigenous peoples within settler temporal frameworks. Claims that Native peoples should be recognized as coeval with…
Mark Rifkin. 2017 .

Rifkin, Mark, 1974-

Mark Rifkin explores how Indigenous experiences with time and the dominance of settler colonial conceptions of temporality have affected Native peoplehood and sovereignty, thereby rethinking the very terms by which history is created and organized around time by.
3. Cinema II: the time-image Book , Print in English
Gilles Deleuze. 2013 .

Deleuze, Gilles, 1925-1995,

"The second volume of Gilles Deleuze's landmark reassessment of the art of film, now available in the Bloomsbury Revelations series"--
4. The ends of the world Book , Print in English
Déborah Danowski, Eduardo Viveiros de Castro ; translated by Rodrigo Nunes. 2017 .

Danowski, Déborah,

"The end of the world is a seemingly interminable topic; at least, of course, until it happens. Environmental catastrophe and planetary apocalypse are subjects of enduring fascination and, as ethnographic studies show, human cultures have approached them in very different ways.…
William E. Connolly. 2017 .

Connolly, William E.,

Sociocentrism, the anthropocene, and the planetary -- Species evolution and cultural creativity -- Creativity and the scars of being -- Distributed agencies and bumpy temporalities -- The politics of swarming and the general strike…
William E. Connolly. 2017 .

Connolly, William E.,

William E. Connolly expands his influential work on democratic pluralism to confront the perils of climate change by calling on us to deepen our attachment to the planet and to create a worldwide coalition of people from all demographics to contest the forces that prevent us from…
Thom van Dooren. 2014 .

Van Dooren, Thom, 1980-

"A leading figure in the emerging field of extinction studies, Thom van Dooren puts philosophy into conversation with the natural sciences and his own ethnographic encounters to vivify the cultural and ethical significance of modern-day extinctions. Unlike other meditations on…
8. Kafka: toward a minor literature Book , Print in English , French
Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari ; translation by Dana Polan ; foreword by Réda… 1986 .

Deleuze, Gilles, 1925-1995.

9. Poetics of relation Book , Print in English
Édouard Glissant ; translated by Betsy Wing. 1997 .

Glissant, Édouard, 1928-2011.

"In Poetics of Relation, French-Caribbean writer and philosopher Edouard Glissant turns the concrete particulars of Caribbean reality into a complex, energetic vision of a world in transformation. He sees the islands of the Antilles as enduring an "invalid" suffering imposed by…
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Alexander Wendt, Department of Political Science, the Ohio State University. 2015 .

Wendt, Alexander, 1966-

There is an underlying assumption in the social sciences that consciousness and social life are ultimately classical physical/material phenomena. In this groundbreaking book, Alexander Wendt challenges this assumption by proposing that consciousness is, in fact, a macroscopic…
Eduardo Viveiros de Castro ; [afterword by Roy Wagner]. 2015 .

Castro, Eduardo Batalha Viveiros de,

This volume is the first to collect the most influential essays and lectures of Eduardo Viveiros de Castro. Published in a wide variety of venues, and often difficult to find, the pieces are brought together here for the first time in a one major volume, which includes his…
Christophe Bonneuil and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz ; translated by David Fernbach. 2016 .

Bonneuil, Christophe,

"Dissecting the new theoretical buzzword of the "Anthropocene" Scientists tell us that the Earth has entered a new epoch: the Anthropocene. We are not facing simply an environmental crisis, but a geological revolution of human origin. In two centuries, our planet has tipped into…
13. Theogony Book , Print in English
Hesiod ; translated, with an introd., by Norman O. Brown. 1953 .


14. A thousand years of nonlinear history Book , Print in English
Manuel DeLanda. 1997 .

De Landa, Manuel.

I. Lavas and Magmas -- Geological History: 1000-1700 A.D. -- Sandstone and Granite -- Geological History: 1700-2000 A.D. -- II. Flesh and Genes -- Biological History: 1000-1700 A.D. -- Species and Ecosystems -- Biological History: 1700-2000 A.D. -- III. Memes and Norms…