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010.611, Fall 2017

Feldman, Marian, Fall 2017
MSEL Reserves
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1. Proceedings of the XLVe Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale Book , Print , Conference in English
edited by Tzvi Abusch ... [et al.] ; with the assistance of Carol Noyes. 2001 .

Rencontre assyriologique internationale (45th : Harvard University)

v. 1. Historiography in the cuneiform world / edited by Tzvi Abusch ... [et al.] ; with the assistance of Carol Noyes -- v. 2. Seals and seal impressions / edited by William W. Hallo and Irene J. Winter.
Beatrice Teissier. 1996 .

Teissier, Beatrice.

by Beatrice Teissier. 1994 .

Teissier, Beatrice.

6. The Kassite glyptic of Nippur Book , Print in English
Donald M. Matthews ; inscriptions by W.G. Lambert. 1992 .

Matthews, Donald M.

edited by Lamia al-Gailani Werr. 1992 .

Tell Suliemeh / Mansour, S., Shakir, B., Zahawi, M. -- Tell Halawa / Yaseen, G.
9. Near Eastern seals Book , Print in English
Dominique Collon. 1990 .

Collon, Dominique.

Donald M. Matthews. 1990 .

Matthews, Donald M.

by Dominique Collon. 1987 .

Collon, Dominique.

13. Insight through images: studies in honor of Edith Porada Book , Print in English , French , German
edited by Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati in collaboration with Paolo Matthiae and Maurits Van… 1986 .

edited and introduced by Edith Porada. 1980 .

Porada, E. Introduction.--Amiet, P. The mythological repertory in cylinder seals of the Agade Period (c. 2335-2155 B.C.)--Özgüç, N. Seal impressions from the palaces at Acemhöyük.--Boardman, J. Greek gem engravers, their subjects and style.
Briggs Buchanan ; introd. and seal inscriptions by William W. Hallo ; Ulla Kasten,… 1979 .

Yale Babylonian Collection.

18. Seals and sealing in the ancient Near East Book , Print in English
edited by McGuire Gibson and Robert D. Biggs. 1977 .

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2. Akkadian, Post Akkadian, Ur III periods / D. Collon -- 3. Isin/Larsa and Old Babylonian periods / D. Collon -- 4. The second millennium BC: Beyond Babylon -- 5. Neo-Assyrian and Neo Babylonian periods / D. Collon…
21. La glyptique mésopotamienne archaïque Book , Print in French
Avec la cllaboration, pour l'étude épigraphique, de Maurice Lambert. 1954 .

Parrot, André, 1901-1980-