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190.265, Fall 2017

Katz, Richard, Fall 2017
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edited by W. Russell Neuman ... [et al.]. 2007 .

1. Theorizing affect's effects / W. Russell Neuman, George E. Marcus, Ann N. Crigler and Michael MacKuen -- Pt. I. Putting the affect effect in perspective -- 2. Philosophical psychology with political intent / Michael A. Neblo…
edited by Donatella Della Porta and Michael Keating. 2008 .

This volume will empower students to choose their own approach to research in the social sciences, to justify this approach, & to situate it within the discipline. It addresses questions of ontology, epistemology & philosophy of social science, as well as issues of methodology &…
Russell J. Dalton, University of California, Irvine. 2014 .

Dalton, Russell J.

"Now, more than ever, people drive the democratic process. What people think of their government and its leaders, how (or whether) they vote, and what they do or say about a host of political issues greatly affect the further strengthening or erosion of democracy and democratic…
4. The craft of political research Book , Print in English
W. Phillips Shively. 2017 .

Shively, W. Phillips, 1942-

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Richard Rose and Ian McAllister. 1990 .

Rose, Richard, 1933-

William H. Flanigan, University of Minnesota, Nancy H. Zingale, University of St.… 2015 .

Flanigan, William H.

Introduction -- 1. Democratic beliefs and American democracy -- Representative democracy and elections -- Democratic beliefs and values -- What leads to democratic beliefs and values? -- Maintaining a democracy -- 2. Electoral context and strategy -- The fundamentals…
9. Political parties in the American mold Book , Print in English
Leon D. Epstein. 1986 .

Epstein, Leon D.

André Blais. 2000 .

Blais, André, 1947-

Introduction: Is it rational to vote? -- When and where are people more likely to vote? -- Who votes? -- Do people believe that their vote could be decisive? -- What is the cost of voting? -- Is it a duty to vote? -- Do people free ride? -- Conclusion: Rational choice and voting.
James F. Adams, Samuel Merrill III, Bernard Grofman. 2005 .

Adams, James, 1962-

Modeling party competition -- How voters decide : the components of the unified theory of voting -- Linking voter choice to party strategies : illustrating the role of nonpolicy factors…
12. Voters & voting: an introduction Book , Print in English
Jocelyn A.J. Evans. 2004 .

Evans, Jocelyn.

Ch. 1. Introduction -- Ch. 2. historical development of voting studies -- Ch. 3. Social structural theories of voting -- Ch. 4. Rational choice theories of voting -- Ch. 5. Issues and space: proximity and directional theories of voting -- Ch. 6. Voting and the economy…