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James A. Millward. 1998 .

Millward, James A., 1961-

"Beyond the Pass examines the fiscal and ethnic policies that underlay Qing imperial control over Xinjiang, a Central Asian region that now comprises the westernmost sixth of the People's Republic of China. By focusing on a region of the Qing empire beyond the borders of China…
3. Chinese history: a manual Book , Print in English
Endymion Wilkinson. 2000 .

Wilkinson, Endymion Porter.

  • Eisenhower M Level Reserves
    DS735.W695 2000 c. 1
  • Institute of the History of Medicine Reference Books - Rare Book Room, 3rd Fl. Welch Library
    DS735.W695 2000 RBR REF. c. 1
4. Chinese history: a new manual Book , Print in English , Chinese
Endymion Wilkinson. 2015 .

Wilkinson, Endymion Porter,

"An indispensable guide to the civilization and history of China. Introduces sources from prehistory to the present and examines the context in which the sources were produced, preserved, and received, the problems of research and interpretation associated with them, and the…
edited by Li Chen and Madeleine Zelin. 2015 .

Classifications of litigation and implications for Qing judicial practice / Jianpeng Deng -- Kinship hierarchies and property institutions in late Qing and Republican China / Taisu Zhang…
6. Civil law in Qing and Republican China Book , Print in English
edited by Kathryn Bernhardt, Philip C.C. Huang ; contributors, Mark A. Allee ... [et al.]. 1994 .

  • Eisenhower M Level Reserves
    KNN 1572 .C581 1994 c. 1
Michael G. Chang. 2007 .

Chang, Michael G., 1970-

Historical precedents & the multivalence of imperial touring -- "Following ancestors": the ethno-dynastic imperative of imperial touring, 1680s & 1740s -- Putting a court on horseback: the logistics & politics of a moving court…
William T. Rowe. 2007 .

Rowe, William T.

"This book explores the roots of violence in Chinese rural society over the past 700 years, based on the study of a single highland county, Macheng, Hubei Province, in the Great Divide mountain range separating the Yangzi Valley from the North China Plain. Between the expulsion…
Hekai (Charles O. Hucker) zhu. 2008 .

Hucker, Charles O.

  • 中国古代官名辞典
  • 贺凯(Charles O. Hucker)著
Edited by Arthur W. Hummel ... 1943 .

Library of Congress. Asiatic Division.

I. A-O.--II. P-Z.
  • Eisenhower B Level
    DS734.U65 1943 QUARTO c. 2
    Multiple Items
  • George Peabody Library, Non-Circ
    920.051 U58 QUARTO c. 1
    Multiple Items
    • v.1
15. Emperor of China: self portrait of Kʻang Hsi Book , Print in English
by Jonathan D. Spence. 1975 .

Kangxi, Emperor of China, 1654-1722.

Matthew W. Mosca. 2013 .

Mosca, Matthew W.,

pt. ONE QING EMPIRE'S VISION OF THE WORLD -- 1. Wealth of Indias: India in Qing Geographic Practice, 1644-1755 -- pt. TWO FORGING A MULTIETHNIC EMPIRE: THE APEX OF A FRONTIER POLICY -- 2. Conquest of Xinjiang and the Emergence of "Hindustan," 1756-1790…
Thomas M. Buoye. 2000 .

Buoye, Thomas M.

"China's remarkable economic expansion in the eighteenth century - propelled by large-scale changes in agriculture, demographics, land use, and property rights - had far-reaching social consequences. One important result of the growing population and deepening commercialization…
Madeleine Zelin. 2005 .

Zelin, Madeleine.

Beatrice S. Bartlett. 1991 .

Bartlett, Beatrice S.

  • Eisenhower M Level Reserves
    JQ1508 .B37 1991 c. 1
  • SAIS Main Stacks
    JQ1508 .B37 1991
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Valerie Hansen. 1995 .

Hansen, Valerie, 1958-

1. Why Study Contracts? -- Pt. I. Contracting with People. 2. The State's Reluctance to Recognize Private Contracts. 3. Government Recognition of Contracts. 4. The Age of Governmental Taxation. 5. Contracts under Mongol Rule and Afterward…
  • Eisenhower M Level Reserves
    KNN 858 .H361 1995 c. 1
28. Peking: temples and city life, 1400-1900 Book , Print in English
Susan Naquin. 2000 .

Naquin, Susan.

"This study shows how modern Beijing's glittering image as China's great and ancient capital came into being and reveals the shifting identities of a much more complex past, one whose rich social and cultural history Naquin splendidly evokes. Temples, by providing a place where…
Nan kai da xue li shi xue yuan ji Zhongguo she hui shi yan jiu zhong xin, Zhongguo di yi… 2008 .

  • 清嘉庆朝刑科题本社会史料辑刊
  • 南开大学历史学院暨中国社会史研究中心, 中国第一历史档案馆编 ; 主编杜家骥 ; 副主编冯尔康, 朱金甫, 宋秀元
32. Qing shi shi liao xue Book , Print in Chinese
Feng Erkang zhu. 2013 .

Feng, Erkang,

  • 清史史料学
  • 冯尔康著
compiled by Philip A. Kuhn and John K. Fairbank ; with the assistance of Beatrice… 1986 .

Kuhn, Philip A.

v. 1. Introduction, vocabularies, and notes -- v. 2. Chinese texts.
36. Tianjin tu shu guan gu ben mi ji cong shu Book , Print in Chinese
1999 .
  • 天津圖書館孤本祕籍叢書
1 ce. Zhou yi za lun jing yi / Lü Zuqian bian. Ding juan Shui an Dang dai shi I jing mo / Tang Binyin zhuan. I li sang fu biao / Jiang Tong zhuan. Li ji can ding / Chen Zhan zhuan. Zhi yan / Niu Yingyun zhuan…
Steven B. Miles. 2017 .

Miles, Steven B., 1964-

"Traces journeys of Cantonese migrants along the West River and its tributaries, one of the world's great river systems, between the late sixteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries, presenting arguments about the relationship between diaspora and empire in an upriver frontier and the…
Compiled and edited by Hayden V. White ; with a foreword by Alfred H. Kelly. 1968 .

Adam Smith and the philosophy of anti-history, by J. Weiss.--Towards a dissolution of the ontological argument, by A. C. Danto.--Romanticism, historicism, realism: toward a period concept for early 19th century intellectual history, by H. V. White…
Compiled and edited by Hayden V. White. With a foreword by Alfred H. Kelly. 1968 .

Adam Smith and the philosophy of anti-history, by J. Weiss.--Towards a dissolution of the ontological argument, by A. C. Danto.--Romanticism, historicism, realism: toward a period concept for early 19th century intellectual history, by H. V. White…
Joseph Dennis. 2015 .

Dennis, Joseph, 1963-

Introduction -- Impetus to compile. Government initiatives to compile gazetteers -- Local initiatives to compile gazetteers -- Production process. Editorial process -- Publishing gazetteers -- Financing gazetteers -- Reading and using gazetteers. Target audiences and distribution…
41. Xiang Lake: nine centuries of Chinese life Book , Print in English
R. Keith Schoppa. 1989 .

Schoppa, R. Keith, 1943-