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Energy and Environment in South Asia Fall 17

Urpelainen, Johannes
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Anoop Singh, Tooraj Jamasb, Rabindra Nepal, Michael Toman. 2015 .

Singh, Anoop

South Asian countries, facing challenges in efficiently meeting growing electricity demand, can benefit from increased cross-border electricity cooperation and trade by harnessing complementarities in electricity demand patterns, diversity in resource endowments for power…
Charles K. Ebinger. 2011 .

Ebinger, Charles K.

"Argues that mistrust, ethnic and religious sectarianism, and political parochialism among the nations of South Asia, a region of strategic geopolitical importance, prevent the region from achieving energy security, which is crucial for economic development and political…
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    HD9502.A782 E25 2011
4. India: the emerging giant Book , Print in English
Arvind Panagariya. 2008 .

Panagariya, Arvind.

Prime Ministers of India -- Pt. I. Growth and Economic Reforms -- 1. Distinguishing Four Phases -- 2. Phase I (1951-65): Takeoff under a Liberal Regime -- 3. Phase II (1965-81): Socialism Strikes with a Vengeance -- 4. Phase III (1981-88): Liberalization by Stealth…
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    HC435.3 .P36 2008
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    HC435.3 .P36 2008 c. 2
5. Pakistan: a hard country Book , Print in English
Anatol Lieven. 2011 .

Lieven, Anatol.

pt. ONE Land, People and History -- 1. Introduction: Understanding Pakistan -- 2. Struggle for Muslim South Asia -- pt. TWO Structures -- 3. Justice -- 4. Religion -- 5. Military -- 6. Politics -- pt. THREE Provinces -- 7. Punjab -- 8. Sindh -- 9. Balochistan -- 10. Pathans…
Jean Drèze and Amartya Sen. 2013 .

Drèze, Jean,

When India became independent in 1947 after two centuries of colonial rule, it immediately adopted a firmly democratic political system, with multiple parties, freedom of speech, and extensive political rights. Maintaining rapid as well as environmentally sustainable growth…