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070.235, Fall 2017

Richlin, Johanna, Fall 2017
MSEL Reserves
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1. The anthropology of Christianity Book , Print in English
edited by Fenella Cannell. 2006 .

Introduction: the anthropology of Christianity / Fenella Cannell -- The eternal return of conversion: Christianity as contested domain in highland Bolivia / Olivia Harris -- Renewable icons: concepts of religious power in a fishing village in South India / Cecilia Busby…
2. The anthropology of Christianity Book , Online in English
edited by Fenella Cannell. 2006 .

<DIV>Ethnographies exploring the vastly different ways that Christianity is experienced and understood by different groups around the world.</div>
edited by Simon Coleman and Rosalind I. J. Hackett ; with an Afterword by Joel Robbins. 2015 .

Personhood: sin, sociality, and the unbuffered self in US evangelicalism / Omri Elisha -- Circulations: evangelical and pentecostal Christianity in nineteenth-century Singapore and Penang / Jean DeBernardi…
Joel Robbins. 2004 .

Robbins, Joel, 1961-

Part one : The making of a Christian community -- From salt to the law : contact and the early colonial period -- Christianity and the colonial transformation of regional relations -- Revival, second-stage conversion, and the localization of the Urapmin Church…
by Joel Robbins. 2004 .

Robbins, Joel, 1961-

In a world of swift and sweeping cultural transformations, few have seen changes as rapid and dramatic as those experienced by the Urapmin of Papua New Guinea in the last four decades. A remote people never directly "missionized," the Urapmin began in the 1960s to send young men…
Kevin Lewis O'Neill. 2010 .

O'Neill, Kevin Lewis, 1977-

In Guatemala City today, Christianity isn't just a belief system--it is a counterinsurgency. Amidst postwar efforts at democratization, multinational mega-churches have conquered street corners and kitchen tables, guiding the faithful to build a sanctified city brick by brick.…
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Jon Bialecki. 2017 .

Bialecki, Jon, 1969-

Vineyard time -- Institutions and God's agents -- A diagram for fire -- Tolle, Lege : talking, reading, and hearing -- The living room seminars : pedagogies of the spirit, typification, and elaboration -- The body, tongues, healing, and deliverance…
Maya Mayblin. 2010 .

Mayblin, Maya.

The land and the people -- Marriage in Santa Lucia -- The bearing of burdens : suffering, containment, and healing -- Working to sweat : labor, narrative, and redemption -- Virtuous husbands, powerful wives : marriage and the dangers of power -- From innocence to knowledge.
Omri Elisha. 2011 .

Elisha, Omri, 1972-

"In this evocative ethnography, Omri Elisha examines the hopes, frustrations, and activist strategies of American evangelical Christians as they engage socially with local communities. Focusing on two Tennessee megachurches, Moral Ambition reaches beyond political controversies…