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MSEL Reserves
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edited by Margaret Connell Szasz. 1994 .

Introduction / Margaret Connell Szasz…
2. Boy Book , Print in English
Lindsey Collen. 2004 .

Collen, Lindsey.

3. The broker Book , Print in English
John Grisham. 2014 .

Grisham, John,

With fourteen years left on a twenty-year sentence, notorious Washington power broker, Joel Backman, receives a surprise pardon from a lame-duck president. He is smuggled out of the country on a military cargo plane, given a new identity, and tucked away in a small town in Italy.…
4. Crossbones Book , Print in English
Nuruddin Farah. 2012 .

Farah, Nuruddin, 1945-

This is a gripping novel about zealotry, pirates and Somalia in crisis. A dozen years after his last visit, Jeebleh returns to his beloved Mogadiscio to see old friends. He is accompanied by his son-in-law, Malik, a journalist intent on covering the region's ongoing turmoil. What…
edited by Leslie Devereaux and Roger Hillman. 1995 .

1. An Introductory Essay / Leslie Devereaux -- 2. The National / Paul Willemen -- 3. The Modernist Sensibility in Recent Ethnographic Writing and the Cinematic Metaphor of Montage / George E. Marcus -- 4. Experience, Re-presentation, and Film / Leslie Devereaux…
6. Khosla ka ghosla! Video/Film , DVD in Hindi
UTV Motion Pictures and Tandav Film Production present ; director Dibakar Banerjee ;… 2015 .

A man loses his retirement income through a poor property deal.
7. The last gift: a novel Book , Print in English
Abdulrazak Gurnah. 2014 .

Gurnah, Abdulrazak, 1948-

"Abbas has never told anyone about his past--before he was a sailor on the high seas, before he met his wife Maryam outside a Boots in Exeter, before they settled into a quiet life in Norwich with their children, Jamal and Hanna. Now, at the age of sixty-three, he suffers a…
8. Middle man: a broker's tale Book , Print in English
John W. Guy. 2010 .

Guy, John W.

9. The middleman Book , Print in English
Sankar ; translated from the Bengali by Arunava Sinha. 2009 .

Śaṃkara, 1933-

"Unable to find a job despite his qualifications, Somnath decides to go into the order supply business as a middleman. His ambition drives him to prostitute an innocent girl for a contract that will secure the future of Somnath Enterprises. As Somnath grows from an idealistic…
Marina Krakovsky. 2015 .

Krakovsky, Marina.

Introduction. Nobody likes a middleman, but most of us are middlemen -- 1. The bridge: spanning the chasm -- 2. The certifier: applying the seal of approval -- 3. The enforcer: keeping everyone honest -- 4. The risk bearer: reducing uncertainty…