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Hervouet-Zeiber, Spring 2017
MSEL Reserves
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1. Blood Video/Film, DVD in English, Russian
317-Film presents ; a film by Alina Rudintskaya ; script, Sergei Vinokurov ; producer,… 2013.

"A mobile blood donation center drives around small towns like a touring circus. Russia has no shortage of donors: the old, the young, the unemployed and the retirees all queue to be treated by the arduous but motherly nurses. The state pays 850 rubles for a half liter of blood,…
2. Brat: Brother Video/Film, DVD in Russian
Kinokompanii͡a "STV" ; rezhisser i st͡senarist, Alekseĭ Balabanov. 2000.

"Danila Bagrov, just demobbed from the army, returns to his quiet, provincial home town. But life is monotonous and boring in this Russian backwoods, so he is heading for faraway Petersburg, to his elder brother who, as he heard, is doing quite well there and might help his…
4. Chechnya: tombstone of Russian power Book, Print in English
Anatol Lieven ; with photographs by Heidi Bradner. 1998.

Lieven, Anatol.

"The war between Russia and the Chechen forces, from December 1994 to August 1996, was a key moment in Russian and even world history, shedding a stark light on the end of Russia as a great military and imperial power." "The book offers both history' and analysis in a riveting…
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edited by David Nugent and Joan Vincent. 2004.

Affective states / Ann Laura Stoler -- After Socialism / Katherine Verdery -- AIDS / Brooke Grundfest Schoepf -- Citizenship / Aihwa Ong -- Cosmopolitanism / Ulf Hannerz -- Development / Marc Edelman and Angelique Haugerud -- Displacement / Elizabeth Colson…
edited by Adele Marie Barker. 1999.

Rereading Russia / Adele Marie Barker -- The culture factory: theorizing the popular in the old and new Russia / Adele Marie Barker -- Public offerings: MMM and the marketing of melodrama / Eliot Borenstein…
Alena V. Ledeneva. 2006.

Ledeneva, Alena V., 1964-

Why are informal practices still prevalent in Russia? -- Chernyi Piar : manipulative campaigning and the workings of Russian democracy -- Kompromat : the use of compromising information in informal politics -- Krugovaia Poruka : sustaining the ties of joint responsibility…
8. Kavkazskiĭ plennik: Prisoner of the mountains Video/Film, DVD in Russian
Mosfilm-Kopor ; AO "Karavan" ; BG Prodakshn ; pri uchastii Komiteta Rossiĭskoĭ… 1996.

A Russian army patrol is ambushed by Caucasian rebels and two survivors are taken prisoner, by a local patriarch who is hoping to barter them for the release of his captured son. A bond of understanding develops between the soldiers and their captors, but it is broken when plans…
[Kinostudii͡a Mosfilʹm] ; director, Leonid Gaidai. 1966.

Shurik, a student studying Caucasian rites and traditions, falls for Nina. When Nina is kidnapped "Caucasian style" to be the forced bride of a senior official, Shurik bravely rushes to her rescue.
10. Leviafan: Leviathan Video/Film, DVD in Russian, English, French
Non-Stop Production ; Non-stop prodakshn ; Aleksandr Rodni͡anskiĭ, Sergeĭ Melʹkumov… 2014.

  • Левиафан
  • a Sony Pictures Classics release ; Non-Stop Production ; Нон-стоп продакшн ; Александр Роднянский, Сергей Мелькумов представляют фильм Андрея Звягинцева ; режиссер Андрей Звягинцев ; продюсер Александр Роднянский, Сергей Мелькумов ; сценарий Олег Негин, Андрей Звягинцев
Kolya lives in a small fishing town near the stunning Barents Sea in Northern Russia. He owns an auto-repair shop that stands right next to the house where he lives with his young wife Lilya and his son Roma. The town's corrupt mayor is determined to take away his business, his…
Maya Eichler. 2012.

Eichler, Maya, 1974-,

1. Gender and Militarization in the Soviet Union -- 2. Militarized Masculinity and State Leadership in the Russian-Chechen Wars -- 3. Societal Crisis of Militarized Masculinity: Conscription, Economic Transformation, and the Russian-Chechen Wars…
12. My perestroika Video/Film, DVD in Russian
Red Square Productions presents ; a co-production with Bungalow Town Productions and… 2010.

Follows five ordinary Russians living in extraordinary times, from their sheltered Soviet childhood, to the collapse of the Soviet Union during their teenage years, to the constantly shifting political landscape of post-Soviet Russia. Together, these childhood classmates paint a…
Serguei Alex. Oushakine. 2009.

Ushakin, S. (Sergeĭ), 1966-

In this book, the author examines the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union by looking at how it affected the Siberian industrial city of Barnaul. Since 1991, Barnaul has lost 25% of its population and its citizens are struggling with the changeover from the all-embracing…
Stephen J. Collier. 2011.

Collier, Stephen J.

ch. One Introduction: Post-Soviet, Post-Social? -- pt. I Soviet Social Modernity -- ch. Two Birth of Soviet Biopolitics -- ch. Three City-building -- ch. Four City-building in Belaya Kalitva -- ch. Five Consolidation, Stagnation, Breakup…
15. Russia and soul: an exploration Book, Print in English
Dale Pesmen. 2000.

Pesmen, Dale, 1959-

note: Introduction: Is soul a thing? -- 1. O.M.S.K. -- 2. In Public Transportation and in the Soul: You call this life? -- 3. Channel between Worlds -- 4. Language of Music and the Russian Language -- 5. Baths: A Celebration for Soul and Body -- Story: For Anna Viktorovna…
Anna Politkovskaya ; translated by Alexander Burry and Tatiana Tulchinsky ; with an… 2003.

Politkovskai͡a, Anna

Whose truth? / Georgi Derluguian -- Ordinary Chechen life in wartime -- Modern Russian life against the backdrop of the war -- Who wants this war? -- Epilogue : London, May 2002 : an ending without closure.
edited by Michael Burawoy and Katherine Verdery. 1999.

Traders, "disorder," and citizenship regimes in provincial Russia / Caroline Humphrey -- Fuzzy property : rights, power, and identity in Transylvania's decollectivization / Katherine Verdery…
Caroline Humphrey. 2002.

Humphrey, Caroline

pt. 1. The politics of locality in an unstable state. "Icebergs," barter, and the mafia in provincial Russia. Mythmaking, narratives, and the dispossessed in Russia. Creating a culture of disillusionment : consumption in Moscow, a chronicle of changing times…
Rossii͡a, Profit ; rezhisser, Valerii͡a Gaĭ Germanika. 2008.

Russian coming-of-age drama about teenagers - high school students. Three lower-class Moscow high school girlfriends, Katya, Vika and Zhanna, learn that there will be a school disco on the coming Saturday night. They start preparations to what seems to be the most important…
22. War Video/Film, DVD in English, Arabic, Russian
screenplay and director Aleksei Balabanov. 2002.

A British actor and his girlfriend are captured along with several Russian soldiers by Chechen rebels while on tour in Georgia. They are thrown into a hole in a remote village where the horrors of war are horrifyingly apparent. Held for ransom that doesn't materialize, one of the…
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edited by Thomas Lahusen, Peter H. Solomon, Jr. 2008.

Introduction / Thomas Lahusen and Peter H. Solomon, Jr. -- I. Markets and Facades -- "I lost it at the market": Some Thoughts on the Political Economy of Post-Soviet Russia / Robert E. Johnson…
24. What was socialism, and what comes next? Book, Print in English
Katherine Verdery. 1996.

Verdery, Katherine. 1948-

1. What Was Socialism, and Why Did It Fall? -- 2. The "Etatization" of Time in Ceausescu's Romania -- 3. From Parent-State to Family Patriarchs: Gender and Nation in Contemporary Eastern Europe -- 4. Nationalism and National Sentiment in Postsocialist Romania…
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