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Death in a church of life : moral passion during Botswana's time of AIDS

Frederick Klaits.
  • Berkeley : University of California Press, ©2010.
  • xvi, 352 pages : 4 illustrations, 2 maps ; 23 cm.
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  • This deeply insightful ethnography explores the healing power of caring and intimacy in a small, closely bonded Apostolic congregation during Botswana's HIV/AIDS pandemic. Death in a Church of Life paints a vivid picture of how members of the Baitshepi Church make strenuous efforts to sustain loving relationships amid widespread illness and death. Over the course of long-term fieldwork, Frederick Klaits discovered Baitshepi's distinctly maternal ethos and the 'spiritual' kinship embodied in the church's nurturing fellowship practice. Klaits shows that for Baitshepi members, Christian faith is a form of moral passion that counters practices of divination and witchcraft with redemptive hymn singing, prayer, and the use of therapeutic substances. An online audio annex makes available examples of the church members' preaching and song.
  • Introduction: Moral passion in suffering and faith
  • Whose child?
  • "Go with me to Babylon" : the domestication of inequality
  • "Cleansing the spirit" : the bodiliness of sentiment and faith
  • "Spirit, follow the voice!" : voice and the making of intersubjectivities
  • "It is all right as long as we feel sorrow" : care for and by the dying
  • "You must not look back" : civility in the place of death
  • Conclusion: Putting love into words.
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