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Muscular Christianity and the Colonial and Post-Colonial World

  • Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
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  • This Volume explores the enormous impact the ethos of Muscular Christianity has had an on modern civil society in English-speaking nations and among the peoples they colonized. First codified by British Christian Socialists in the mid-nineteenth century, explicitly religious forms of the ideology have persistently re-emerged over ensuing decades: secularized, essentialized, and normalized versions of the ethos - the public school spirit, the games ethic, moral masculinity, the strenuous life - came to dominate and to spread rapidly across class, status, and gender lines. These developments hav.
  • Cover; Half Title; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Series Editor's Foreword; Introduction: Muscular Christianity After 150 Years; 1 Muscular Christianity and Value-centred Sport: The Legacy of Tom Brown in Canada; 2 Muscular Christianity in Japan: The Growth of a Hybrid; 3 From Trobriand Cricket to Rugby Nation: The Mission of Sport in Papua New Guinea; 4 Yoga at the Fin de Siècle: Muscular Christianity with a 'Hindu' Twist; 5 Christ and the Imperial Playing Fields: Thomas Hughes's Ideological Heirs in Empire.
  • 6 Tom Brown Goes Global: The 'Brown' Ethic in Colonial and Post-colonial India7 Baseball and Decolonization: The Caribbean, 1945-1975; 8 The Muscular Christian Ethos in Post-Second World War American Liberalism: Women in Outward Bound 1962-1975; 9 High Ropes and Hard Times: Wilderness and the Sublime in Adventure-based Education; Index.
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