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A reader in medical anthropology : theoretical trajectories, emergent realities

edited by Byron J. Good [and others].
  • Chichester, West Sussex, UK ; Malden, Mass. : Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.
  • xiv, 559 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
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Medical Subjects
  • Introduction
  • Part I: Antecedents. Introduction ; Massage in Melanesia / W.H.R. Rivers ; The notion of witchcraft explains unfortunate events / E.E. Evans-Pritchard ; Muchona the Hornet, interpreter of religion / Victor Turner ; The Ojibwa self and its behavioral environment / Irving A. Hallowell ; The charity physician / Rudolf Virchow ; The role of beliefs and customs in sanitation programs / Benjamin Paul ; Introduction to Asian medical systems / Charles Leslie ; Medical anthropology and the problem of belief / Byron J. Good
  • Part II: Illness and narrative, body and experience. Introduction ; Medicine's symbolic reality : on a central problem in the philosophy of medicine / Arthur M. Kleinman ; Elements of charismatic persuasion and healing / Thomas J. Csordas ; The thickness of being : intentional worlds, strategies of identity, and experience among schizophrenics / Ellen Corin ; The concept of therapeutic 'emplotment' / Cheryl Mattingly ; Myths/histories/lives / Michael Jackson ; The state construction of affect : political ethos and mental health among Salvadoran refugees / Janis Hunter Jenkins ; Struggling along : the possibilities for experience among the homeless mentally / Robert Desjarlais
  • Part III: Governmentalities and biological citizenship. Introduction ; Dreaming of psychiatric citizenship : a case study of supermax confinement / Lorna A. Rhodes ; Biological citizenship : the science and politics of Chernobyl-exposed populations / Adriana Petryna ; Human pharmakon : symptoms, technologies, subjectivities / Joao Biehl ; The figure of the abducted woman : the citizen as sexed / Veena Das ; Where ethics and politics meet : the violence of humanitarianism in France / Miriam Ticktin
  • Part IV: The biotechnical embrace. Introduction ; The medical imaginary and the biotechnical embrace: subjective experiences of clinical scientists and patients / Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good / Where it hurts : Indian material for an ethics of organ transplantation / Lawrence Cohen ; "Robin Hood" of techno-Turkey or organ trafficking in the state of ethical beings / Aslihan Sanal ; Quest for conception : gender, infertility, and Egyptian medical traditions / Marcia C. Inborn ; AIDS in 2006 : moving toward one world, one hope? / Jim Yong Kim and Paul Farmer
  • Part V: Biosciences, biotechnologies. Introduction ; Dr. Judah Folkman's decalogue and network analysis / Michael M.J. Fischer ; Beyond nature and culture : modes of reasoning in the age of molecular biology and medicine / Hans-Jorg Rheinberger ; Immortality, in vitro : a history of the HeLa cell line / Hannah Landecker ; A digital image of the category of the person / Joseph Dumit ; Experimental values : Indian clinical trials and surplus health / Kaushik Sunder Rajan
  • Part VI: Global health, global medicine. Introduction ; Medical anthropology and international health planning / George M. Foster ; Anthropology and global health / Craig R. Janes and Kitty K. Corbett ; Mot Luuk problems in northeast Thailand : why women's own health concerns matter as much as disease rates / Pimpawun Boonmongkon, Mark Nichter, and Jen Pylypa ; The new malaise : medical ethics and social rights in the global era / Paul Farmer ; Humanitarianism as a politics of life / Didier Fassin
  • Part VII: Postcolonial disorders. Introduction ; Amuk in Java : madness and violence in Indonesian politics / Byron J. Good and Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good ; The political economy of 'trauma' in Haiti in the democratic era of insecurity / Erica James ; Contract of mutual (in)difference : governance and the humanitarian apparatus in contemporary Albania and Kosovo / Mariella Pandolfi ; Darfur through a Shoah lens : Sudanese asylum seekers, unruly biopolitical dramas, and the politics of humanitarian compassion in Israel / Sarah S. Willen ; The elegiac addict : history, chronicity, and the melancholic subject / Angela Garcia.
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